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Jolena Sedláčková


Drug crime is clearly increasingly organized especially in trade and production of narcotic and
psychotropic substances. Individual members states of the European Union including the Czech Republic
and also legislation pervading transnational or national planes, is trying to take the most effective legal
means to combat the cited crime. Legal regulations, detection and investigation of that crime must also exhibit certain specifics with regard to their nature. The current legal regulation of drug crime in the Czech Republic is thus intertwined independently with international, EU, but also the national plane. The author in
his paper describes to the readers an Europeanisation treatment of drug offenses in the Czech legal order in accordance with the requirements imposed on it by the European Union and international law. She also focuses on its sufficiency– where indeed the legal instruments are blended, wherein it is possible to find flaws. She also reflects the current legal situation in the Czech Republic. She presents to the readers current problems, especially identifying ranges of drugs and related difficulties consequential for the criminal practice.

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