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Miloš Lacko


Old-age pension savings is a system functionally linked to the general pension insurance scheme, which focuses on the capitalization of savings accumulated by the saver in their personal pension account. From the administrative-procedural point of view, the pre-contractual part of the pay-out phase of this system is built on the Central Information Bidding System (CIBS), which is thus an important and systemic element of old-age pension savings. The present contribution analyses the tasks and objectives of this information system in the pay-out phase of pensions and, at the same time, asks the question whether it fulfils the functions of current modern information systems and if it thus assists in securing the constitutional right of a natural person to adequate material security in old age or, on the contrary, if it is only an information system that duplicates the rules and approaches introduced by the legislation providing for the method of the savings in the Slovak pension model (by the individualisation of saving with a low economic guarantee) and especially in the process of concluding a contract on the pension insurance that does not support the implementation of the constitutional law in a serious way.

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