František Novák


As the title suggests the article deals with certain quantitative analysis of legislation, the backbone
of any legal order, using methodological and theoretical approach, as well as investigative and analytical
approach applied, in this case, on legislation, i.e. the legal order of the Czech Republic. It can be characterized
as a specific statistical method based on the quantification of investigated phenomena of interest. However,
this quantification cannot be done in a standard way – mainly because in legal theory any attempt to approach
the investigated topics with quantitative exactness is a rare effort, there are no standards and sometimes
such attempts may even be met with suspicion.
The introduction is therefore necessarily focusing on the question whether such legal phenomenon as legislation
can be described quantitatively. The next part is dedicated to the methodology and clarification of
author’s approach, i.e. mainly definitions and interpretations of the introduced and monitored variables
and their operationalization.
The third part of the study is an application of the introduced methodology on concrete research: quantitative
description of Czech legislation over the last 12-month period, for which full data set has been collected.
Thanks to regular quantitative monitoring of Czech legislation, and other similarly focused research
efforts, in recent years we are able to compare the results of these analyses for different periods. The key variables
and quantitative indicators were derived from the formal structure of legislative documents with emphasis
on the relevance of the law, branch structure of legislation and also on the international factor in this
context. Changes documenting the development of legislation are then highlighted within this framework.
This procedure could be an inspiration for similar quantitatively and thematically oriented comparative research
efforts in different countries, especially when it comes to the growing cooperation between Central
European countries.


Legislation, quantitative description of legislation, methodological basis of the legislation of the CR, structure and development of the legislation in the CR

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